Drug Detox Centers in Brockton, MA

When you begin to look for drug detox centers in Brockton, your search will go a lot better when it isn't hampered by incorrect assumptions or information. It can help to go in asking every detox that you research a few basic questions.

Some detox centers offer every patient the same kind of treatment protocol, no matter what they are addicted to, or how different those patients themselves may be from one another. At such a center, a senior woman addicted to Valium for 10 years is likely to be offered the same treatment as a 25-year-old male addicted to alcohol for one year. In some cases, rehabs are known to put recovering gambling addicts and anorexics together in therapy with those addicted to benzodiazepines and alcohol.

The truth is, a one-size-fits-all treatment approach makes no more sense for drug detox process than it does for any other kind of treatment, say for diabetes, heart disease or an infection. When you set off to look for quality drug detox centers in Brockton, you need to look for a center that specifically promises completely customized treatment plans for each patient.

Do They Offer Pain Relieving Services?

The detox process can be difficult. As the brain unlearns adaptation to drugs or alcohol and re-learns a normal chemical state, it can go through internal chemical upheavals that cause extreme levels of physical pain and discomfort, as well as life-threatening medical reactions. You go to medical detox for medical help with these challenges. It isn't a safe assumption to make that you will receive medical help for all of these conditions, however.

Certainly, drug detox centers will do their best to ensure that patients come to no physical harm. Pain, however, is a different matter. Many will attempt to offer detox on a part-time basis in the form of outpatient care; many others will offer full-time detox in the form of inpatient care, but then only step into medically address problems related to patient discomfort when they get completely out of hand. Routine pain is not treated.

It's important to seek inpatient detox to ensure that you are never left without access to medical care in the event of pain. The center for drug detox is equipped with personnel, equipment, and medications that ensure that all pain is properly taken care of.

Do They Offer Medical Care for Cravings?

Pain and discomfort aren't the only challenges involved in detoxifying from an addiction; there are also cravings to think about. Cravings are the most challenging part of any addiction. They come about as a direct result of the action of drugs on the brain's reward and learning center. Designed to deeply learn any behavior that produces great amounts of joy, this part of the brain ensures that exposure to drugs becomes deep, ingrained habit. When an attempt is made to get off drugs, the habit created throws up intense attacks of craving -- deep psychological and emotional love of the drug that no willpower or logic can resist.

Cravings can make it very hard for anyone to stay responsible and strong through detox. For this reason, evidence-based addiction treatment in Brockton courses offer patients drug replacement therapy. This involves prescriptions for drugs such as methadone or buprenorphine that offer relief in different ways. The downside is that these drugs are addictive by themselves if not prescribed with care.

The fact that these replacement drugs are addictive makes many detox centers announce a policy against their use. They claim that these drugs are no better than the addictive drugs that patients come in trying to escape. This isn't the right way to think, however. When administered carefully and expertly, addiction to methadone and other such drugs is not a challenge.

The use of these medications is scientifically and medically proven to be beneficial. When a detox center claims to not use these drugs, it only means that their programs are not evidence-based ones.

A detox course, once it completes after 30, 60 or 90 days of treatment, delivers you free of cravings or withdrawal symptoms. If the detox has you believing that you are cured at this point, however, you should know that their treatment program is highly suspect. Not only is there no long-term cure for addiction, detox is not designed to offer anything like a cure. It only gives you short-term relief from the challenges of addictive behavior, giving you time to establish better brain and mental health so that you have a chance at maintaining your sobriety. It requires psychiatric treatment and psychological treatment, which is what rehab is all about.

Every detox program that is any good adequately focuses patients on the importance of continuing treatment once rehab concludes.

Finding quality drug detox centers in Brockton isn't hard. You need to keep in mind the qualities that make detox effective, however. Call Brockton Drug Rehab Centers now for help (508) 313-2185.

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